One year I was invited to a holiday party.

I just love to attend holiday events!

It gives me a chance to

GIVE special thoughtful gifts to friends and loved ones.

But this holiday party in particular,

I wanted to change things up.

I wanted show it came from my heart!

And I knew my signature…

 Jamaican Black Cake…

 would do the trick!

I knew a heart felt gift never breaks the bank!

It always tends to mean so much more to give than to get!

As dessert time came and the night progressed,

Everyone was talking about,

“how delicious and unique the Black Cake on the dessert table was”.

I never tell a secret.

So I didn’t say anything, but…

It was then…I knew…

I had a treat I would spoil my family and friends with.

And now I get to spoil you with my Jamaican Treat.

Jamaican Black Cake can be sent or used for anything…

from Weddings and Birthdays…

 …Christmas Parties and Barbecues.

Over the past 20 years,

I have been baking and decorating cakes.

I studied cake decorating at

The Wilton School of Cake Decorating and Confectionery Art.

After being encouraged by family and friends,

 I decided to make my Caribbean Cakes,

in particular my Jamaican Black Cake…

…available to the general public.

I am providing you with a traditional, AUTHENTIC…

Jamaican Dessert Cake

with a personal touch of love…

that only my family and friends…

 have been able to enjoy and experience,


Baking has been my specialty…

for all family and friends birthdays,

anniversary’s and special holidays.

Everyone’s favorite holiday and special occasion cake…

has been my signature Jamaican Black Cake.

Some call it rum cake but its definitely not to be confused with fruit cake.


You will not find any

chunks of cherry’s,

orange peel or nuts in my Black Cake.

Jamaican Black Cake is a recipe handed down from my Great Aunt,

to my mother, whom she raised,

and then on down to me.

Baking one cake at a time.

God Bless You All.

Ms. Merl