My story is the absolute truth, as incredible as it may seem.

I'm a baker.

My story is the absolute truth, as incredible as it may seem.

Ms. Merl with her daughter  Kaynea Bingham

Ms. Merl with her daughter Kaynea Bingham

It started with my Great Aunt handing down the family recipe for Black Cake to my mother, who handed it down to me.

One year I was invited to a holiday party.

I just love to attend holiday events!

It gives me a chance to bring special, thoughtful gifts to friends and loved ones.

But this holiday party in particular, I wanted to change things up and bring something that would show it came from my heart, my signature Jamaican Black Cake!

And to boot, heartfelt gifts never break the bank, yet always tend to mean so much more to give, than receive!

As dessert time came and the night progressed, everyone was talking about how delicious and unique the Black Cake on the dessert table was.

I never tell a secret so I didn't say anything, but It was then I knew I had a treat I would spoil my family and friends with. And now I get to spoil you with my Jamaican Treat.

Jamaican Black Cake comes in many styles and can be seen anywhere from weddings and birthdays to Christmas parties and barbecues.

This isn't your ordinary dry or chalky holiday fruitcake!

The darker tones of my black cake hide a moist and decadent layer of cake that boldly boasts it's signature spices and rum flavors.

With my Jamaican Black Cake, I've added uniqueness to it without compromising the cakes storied tradition, history and memorable taste.

A scrumptious edible center piece of your dessert table.

Ms. Merl