The Real Jamaican Black Cake

For the last 20 plus years, Ms. Merl has been baking Jamaican Black Cake, amongst dozens of all types of cakes and cookies, because it gave her a simple pleasure.

Add to that she's amazing at it, so many people started to request her cakes.

Ms. Merl furthered her natural talent with studying at the Wilton Institute of Baking and acquired three certifications. Making those natural talents, technically sound. All because she just loved to bake for her family and friends. Not because she was trying to make a career out of becoming a baker. Her family saw how much a local demand there was for her special Jamaican Black Cake, wedding cakes, famous pound cake to name a few, and urged her to think about taking the next step.


After much thought, Ms. Merl decided to share her cakes with everyone. Shes been baking for years and shipping her cakes across the country. Baked countless wedding cakes, using old style intricate piping by hand, cookies, specialty cup cakes, and of course her signature Jamaican Black Cake, rum cupcakes, and pound cakes. This brought us to our grand opening of for all to have a slice of Ms. Merls cakes and goodness!

Nothing makes Ms. Merl happier than sharing her love she bakes with in her cakes. And we are happy to be here and offer them all to you.

Now you can take a bite of love and wholesome goodness, just with a click of a button!

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