Jamaican Black Cake

Jamaican Black Cake

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Drunken  Cake  equals  Cake  Heaven

And this is why….

Black Cake is the cake that makes you beg for more…

and makes you kinda tipsy at the same time!

Everyone is ALWAYS skeptical at first though,

And most Jamericans are addicted to the plastic wrap black cake………

And all those Caribbean desserts at the patty store ”Caribbean restaurant”…

that have a lifetime shelf life……


They think black cake is some dry-up piece of fruit cake…
…You only eat around Christmas…
…with “break your toothe” size fruit in it…


I’d recommend 2 BIG splashes of the overproof rum to fix that…

And here’s why

A. I’ve NAILED the balance of rum with the perfect consistency between cake and pudding

(only a lover of Wrey & Nephew white rum could understand)

B. Finding all the sticks and stems in the raisins and prunes BEFORE it’s soaked

(FYI… …it takes about 1 hour for me to go through 4 lbs of raisins and prunes)

C. Fruit marinades that has been PROPERLY soaked for at least 6 months

(I have a year round fruit soak calendar for the perfect fruit Marinade)

A friend of mine asked me,

“……why do you use organic fruit just to mix it with rum and wine?

You know what I told her?

The same reason I use whole spices instead of container spices

It makes the cake I bake yoU taste better.

So SEND a loved one or friend…

a TASTE BUDs DANCE PARtY of the Jamaican islands

today with LOVE..

Don't leave this page empty handed.